Navio Debuts Mobile Payments, Digital Locker, and Viral Marketing

Oct 28, 2003

Navio, Inc., a digital commerce service provider, has announced a solution for record labels and game makers designed to establish reliable revenue streams in the mobile market. Navio's network combines identity management, content packaging, and payment functions to solve the access and distribution challenges that have limited the growth of Internet commerce for digital products. First of three offerings, the mobile payment and viral marketing service uses Navio Titles, or digital receipts, to authenticate who uses digital files and motivate users to offer their files to family and friends.

The Navio Companion is a platform independent digital locker solution. The Navio Companion acts as a mobile jukebox to store digital receipts, loyalty points, and passes to access content. It is designed to solve the problem of limited memory available on handsets. Now when a user buys a new mobile game, there is no need to choose another game to delete from the handset. The Navio Companion stores purchase receipts for all of the games previously purchased. The user simply selects the game from the jukebox and it gets transferred back to the handset. The Navio Companion also acts as a single sign-on identity management client, eliminating the need for maintaining multiple login and password combinations across services.

Leveraging mobile Internet access and the adoption of broadband technology, Navio's service allows users to purchase titles wherever they are and access files across high speed connections. The single sign-on feature increases the viability of the digital commerce solution by guaranteeing user identity wherever an Internet connection is established - at work, from home or on a mobile device. This means a teenager can purchase a game on a cell phone, and download it through her PC when she gets home. Navio Titles take up minimal storage space as compared with entire game or music files.

Because Navio tracks who accesses music, games, ring tones, or any digital content, the new service also offers a viral marketing feature that will allow artists and producers to offer rewards points to their customers who resell their work. For example, when a customer buys a song off a record label Web site, the label can include a sample of the song to use as a marketing tool. The customer can send the sample through an email, over an instant message, or across an SMS message to a mobile device. If the customer gets five friends to buy the song, the label or artist can offer him a free song. Navio tracks the sales and manages the new transactions for the label.

Navio manages buyer and seller rights using cryptographic techniques to protect and verify XML based metadata. This metadata represents a Navio Title, which defines identities, payment instruments, and the packaging of digital content. Users create titles and define how they are used, as well as defining the type and encoding of content. The service is DRM agnostic, and works with any existing cryptographic scheme to protect digital content as it is streamed over Navio's network or stored on a user's computer. Navio supports standard credit-based payment, seller definable loyalty points and digital cash.