Introduces Regional Pages

Mar 25, 2010

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) introduced regions, pages that provide a regularly updated portal for researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and investors who are interested in a specific country or region. The program launches with pages for Europe, France, Germany, Iran, Israel, and Italy, with additional regions planned. Future regions may range in size from a single city to a multinational area.

Each page brings together relevant research, news, opinion, and business content from the Nature family of journals, Scientific American, and other NPG resources. Local job listings from NatureJobs, event listings by Nature Events, and local service provider information are all available. Site visitors may also find content in French, German, and Italian provided by local Scientific American partners in respective countries. regions pages build on NPG's drive to provide locally relevant resources. Country-focused portals include Nature India, introduced in February 2008, and Nature China, launched in 2007. Later this month, NPG will also launch Nature Middle East, NPG's third major portal focusing on emerging areas in scientific and medical research.