NXTbook Media Partners with Advanstar Communications, Inc.

Feb 18, 2005

NXTbook Media (NBM), a technology-based company that provides multimedia digital publishing solutions, has signed an exclusive agreement with Advanstar Communications, Inc. (Advanstar), a business information company serving specialized markets with information resources and integrated marketing solutions. NBM has been selected by Advanstar's senior management to become their exclusive external digital publishing platform vendor. Advanstar has 100 business publications, in addition to tradeshows and conferences, and a range of direct marketing, database, and reference products and services.

NXTbook technology is used to publish magazines, tradeshow brochures, catalogs, or other print products in a digital format. NXTbook allows information to be presented as a double page-oriented document optimized for a computer screen. NBM's digital publishing platform is based on open Web standards and does not require the downloading of proprietary software readers. The technology also enables real-time results reporting, including the number of readers who have accessed the online magazine, time spent on each page, and other tracking information.

Advanstar is currently using NXTbook FX product for their ezine content distribution. The digital versions of the publications are image-based representations of their print counterparts that are designed to retain the look and feel of the printed version. The NXTbook also provides such Web-based functionality as multimedia, external hyper- linking, multiple zoom levels, thumbnail previews, book marking of pages, printing options, email forwarding, and save to computer feature. In addition to providing integration into the production cycle, the FX product is also compliant with BPA and ABC regulations for circulation of magazines and newsletters.
(www.advanstar.com; www.nxtbookmedia.com)