NTT Comware Launches PHISHCUT

Apr 07, 2006

NTT Comware will launch PHISHCUT, an anti-phishing solution that utilizes digital watermarking technology. The solution is designed to protect personal information from phishing scams that utilize counterfeit Web sites to solicit personal information. PHISHCUT embeds digital watermarks into Web sites used by financial institutions as well as internet banking and shopping sites. PHISHNET also determines and informs the users who access these sites whether the Web site to which they are attempting to send personal information including their User ID and credit card number is real or counterfeit.

First, NTT Comware's Authentication System compares the data embedded within the digital watermark with the data contained within the Web site. If the Web site is an official Web site with a digital watermark, PHISHCUT will allow the user's personal information to be sent. However, if PHISHCUT determines the Web site to be potentially counterfeit, PHISHCUT will display a warning on the user's browser and will prevent the user's personal information from being sent to the Web site. The PHISHCUT system utilizes three components: the digital watermarks embedded in Web sites, specialized software essential for browser terminals, and the Authentication System. The digital watermark obtained from the Authentication System is set on the customer's Web site, and the bona fide data for the Web site is recorded. No special equipment is required, allowing customers to implement this solution. In addition, the only preparation required from the users accessing the Web site is the downloading of the specialized software from the Authentication System.

In addition, if the data is recorded onto the downloaded software beforehand, PHISHCUT will display a warning which gives users the option to send or not send their personal information to Web sites the user has accessed which contain no digital watermark. The authentication server and the Web site from which the specialized software is downloaded are prepared by NTT Comware, and are provided to users through an ASP. The service usage fees for the PHISHCUT Solution can begin from $4,200 a month in the case where PHISHCUT is adopted by one bank and the Authentication System is accessed 250,000 times or less during a one-month period. NTT Comware plans to launch sales of PHISHCUT in mid-April.