NEC Launches GPS-based Golfer Locating Service

Aug 10, 2004

NEC has announced the development of a GPS-based golfer information service, whereby the locations of players on a golf course and their scores are displayed on a large screen or a PC monitor in real-time. The service is also designed to display live pictures and will provide golf tournament watchers with better access to information on players. The service will be tested in August at the 2004 NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament, where NEC's NESPIT III positioning terminal, NEC Software Chubu's realtime GPS, Scala's InfoChannel3 broadband display solution, and NEC's UNIVERGE IP8800 multilayer switches and UNIVERGE WL wireless LAN systems will be used for the test. Based on this service, NEC plans to further develop new advertising and content solutions for event promoters, ad agencies, and broadcasters.