NEC Introduces 3G Mobile Network-based High-def Video Transmission System; Announces Web Page Layout Analysis Engine

Nov 30, 2004


NEC has begun marketing MobileStream, a high-definition video transmission system that has used 3G mobile data communications networks, such as NTT DoCoMo's FOMA service. NEC has also announced a Web page layout analysis system designed to make it easier to view pages on various devices.

The MobileStream system features a bulk transfer technology so that it can transmit high-quality live video and audio data from anywhere without relay vehicles. The system measures 294x150x253mm, weighs 4.5kg (including battery), and supports the H.264 standard. Prices start at 71,359 and shipment is slated for early February 2005.

NEC has also announced that it has developed a Web page analysis engine that is designed to make it easier to view Web pages on a variety of terminals, such as televisions, PDAs, and mobile phones, despite differences in display resolution and screen size. The layout analysis engine is intended to enable extraction of a layout structure that meets with the viewer's needs, through the analysis of characteristics such as the color, size, and position of the title and the multiple domains that constitute the Web page, in addition to the formation of the HTML tag that defines the Web page. The technology enables ease of viewing even on small screens such as on mobile phones in an effort to allow users to grasp an overview of the full contents of a Web page and reduce the number of operations necessary to access information. This is accomplished by displaying digest pages, which consist of only titles, and detailed pages, which display the full contents related to each title separately.