NEC Implements Interwoven into "Business Solution" Web site

Jul 06, 2004

Interwoven, Inc., an enterprise content management (ECM) company, has announced that NEC Corporation, a Japanese Internet solutions provider, has implemented the Interwoven ECM solution to underpin NEC's "Business Solution" enterprise site. The content, news, and event information related to NEC products and services which is made available on the NEC enterprise site, "Business Solution," is currently compiled daily by the WEB staff which oversees the site, after which it is edited and put through a series of review processes before final posting on the site.

Until now, each department that contributed information would submit their content by FTP for aggregation on a test server set up by the WEB staff. This content would then be re-formatted for publishing, after which it would undergo a final review by the providing department. Now, with Interwoven TeamSite Content Server software's templating and workflow functionalities, the majority of the content aggregation and review processes have been automated. Furthermore, the content that had passed the final review phase was previously transferred to the main server for posting on the site, while at the same time a cloning function was used to deliver the same content to a second public server. Now, with Interwoven OpenDeploy Distribution Server software, it has become possible to distribute the content to both servers simultaneously.