NAYATEK Releases Active Archiver v6.3 for Lotus Domino

May 22, 2007

NAYATEK, a global provider of enterprise Compliance and Security solutions, has released Active Archiver v6.3 for Lotus Domino. Active Archiver v6.3 provides content filtering, policy enforcement, and archiving capabilities to companies addressing issues relating to storage management, content discovery, and compliance within IBM Lotus Domino. Active Archiver allows end users and/or delegates to view and access their personal archives. In this version, administrators can specify icons to be displayed for archived emails and/or attachments. This is designed to allow users to identify which of their emails have been archived within the mail database. In addition, access to archives can be delegated to other persons such as compliance/security officers to conduct audits and reviews of users' archives.

Active Archiver for Domino v6.3 features include: Lotus Notes-based installation; the ability to run on all Domino platforms 6.x or later with no Domino architectural changes required, including Microsoft Windows, IBM, AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM i5/OS, IBM z/OS, and Linux on zSeries; the ability to archive documents (messages) and/or attachments to specified storage; the ability to automatically manage email lifecycle from beginning to end; the ability to manage compliance requirements for the retention and recovery of email; an audit trail of all activity performed on the archived messages; the ability to store archived data in its native form; customizable searching of message, subject, body, and attachments; the ability to enforce restrictions on mailbox sizes, attachment sizes, message content, and message delivery; and reporting on specific usage data, age, size, and content of messages.