Myriad Group AG Partners with Vodafone Essar

Sep 27, 2011

Myriad Group AG announced its partnership with Vodafone Essar to deliver social networking and messaging services over SMS and USSD to its subscribers across India. Vodafone Essar will leverage Xumii, Myriad's mobile social networking platform, as well as Myriad Updates, a text-based mobile social networking service accessible on cell phones without requiring users to have a data plan.

Vodafone Essar will soon offer SMS, instant messaging, and mobile email, which will allow users to view multiple messaging channels simultaneously in the same thread.

Myriad Group AG was established in 1999, then as Esmertec AG. According to the company, they have shipped over 3.8 billion software applications on more than 2.2 billion phones and have 220 million mobile users worldwide.