MuseGlobal and Specialty Systems, Inc. Form Partnership

Jun 23, 2009

MuseGlobal, a provider of content integration platforms, announced a partnership with Specialty Systems, Inc., a company focusing on information systems solutions for Federal, State, and Local Government customers. Specialty Systems, Inc. is partnering with MuseGlobal to provide the systems integration to engineer law enforcement and homeland security applications built on MuseGlobal’s MuseConnect, which provides federated search and harvesting technologies, with a library of more than 6,000 pre-built source connectors. The applications resulting from this partnership will incorporate unified information access allowing structured data from database sources; semi-structured data from spreadsheets, forms and XML sources; unstructured data from web sites, documents, email; and rich media such as images, video and audio information to be accessed simultaneously from internal databases and external sources. These applications will give law enforcement agencies and intelligence personnel the most current information available to maximize public safety.