Multilingual Sites are Essential for Organizations, Says Report

Feb 28, 2006

Research carried out by thebigword, a translation company, shows that multilingual Web sites have become essential for most large organizations. thebigword analyzed the Web sites of every company in the Fortune 500, a ranking of America's largest corporations carried out annually by Fortune Magazine.

Researchers found that 58% of America's largest companies have multilingual Web sites. The findings also showed a growing divergence between industries committed to localization and those that see it as unnecessary. Companies that trade directly with the public are the most likely to provide localized Web sites; Nine of the top ten commercial banking companies had multilingual Web sites, including all of the five largest banks in the Fortune 500.

To help companies not only translate, but keep their international Web sites synchronized, thebigword has developed and made available TranzManager Content. This free technology enables companies to concentrate on creating original content while thebigword takes care of the translated versions.