Most UK Businesses Think Security Is Not Keeping Up With VoIP and IM Technology

Apr 17, 2007

A survey by Infosecurity Europe of 291 companies found that 93% of companies believe that instant messaging (IM) and Voice over IP (VoIP) usage is moving faster than corresponding security. Further, according to interviews Infosecurity Europe conducted with a panel of 20 Chief Security Officers (CSOs) of large enterprises, IM is now prevalent in organizations with large volumes of financial transactions being carried out over IM in some organizations. Another concern is that as IM allows encrypted data traffic, it could be an undetectable source of data leakage.

The view on VoIP is that although there has been some adoption, it is not yet a widely deployed technology in corporations, although it was being used a lot by traveling executives. The story is very different in the SME area where many have rushed to take the opportunity to reduce costs. Infosecurity Europe found that there are similar security issues relating to VoIP regarding encrypted traffic and also the potential for SPIM to clog VoIP communications and cause similar problems to those caused by SPAM in email.