Moreover Technologies and Cymfony Announce Partnership

Jun 10, 2005

Moreover Technologies, which offers aggregated online current awareness and blog content, and Cymfony, a provider of market intelligence and automated media analysis, have announced a partnership to deliver real-time online news and blog content from Moreover into Cymfony's Web -based media intelligence applications. The partnership is intended to provide Cymfony applications with content for to monitor and analyze online news and blog posts, providing insight to consumer discussions, perceptions and issues that could impact brand reputation.

Digital Consumer Insight is designed to provide users with the ability to analyze relevant online content from millions of sources of consumer-generated media. Through this partnership, Cymfony expects to deliver real-time access to more than 1.3 million blogs aggregated by Moreover and fed to Digital Consumer Insight, enabling analysis and insight into the blogosphere.

As some blogs are more influential than others and start to blur the lines with traditional journalism, Moreover identifies nearly 3,000 of the most influential blogs and applies additional metadata to enable further analysis within Digital Consumer Insight. Cymfony can extract information from any blog and has customized influential blog lists based on a client's vertical focus or interest. New and existing Cymfony customers will have the option to access Moreover's content as part of their service offering.

In addition, through this partnership Cymfony Dashboard will have real-time access to more than 11,000 online news sources provided by Moreover. News articles are collected from a list of editorially ranked sources, including premium international news leaders, national and regional publications, corporate and government press pages, trade and industry journals and more. This online news coverage is processed by Cymfony's proprietary information extraction technology intended to provide brand managers, product marketing, public relations, competitive intelligence and marketing professionals with the critical analytics necessary to understand consumer discussion relating to companies, products, and competitors.