Mohive Releases New Version of eLearning Publishing System

May 12, 2006

Mohive has announced the launch of Mohive eLearning Publishing System (eLPS) version 4.0. This version of Mohive eLPS--formerly known as Mohive Toolbox--provides customers with enhanced enterprise support, more elearning publishing options, and more workflow functionality.

Features to version 4.0 include: Enhanced Enterprise support, where Mohive eLPS version 4.0 provides customers with a series of enhanced enterprise-level features such as a Communication framework, a framework for communicating review and approval information via email or RSS; Dashboards, designed to provide a view of key metrics within the system; Enhanced media asset management, including copyright checking on images and videos; and Web services improvements; Publishing framework, including a choice of resolutions, where users can publish courses in numerous resolutions, from 640 x 480 and up; PDF export, where users can publish courses into PDF format for reuse as printed material; and Design style with enhanced design options; and Improved workflow functionality with improved group handling, so Mohive can better manage different groups, including Administrator, Author, Editor, Reference Groups, and Graphic Designer; The review cycle, where editors can track and manage the activity and feedback from a reference group; and a Question Pool, so a user can create pools of questions for weighted and randomized tests.