Mobile CMS GENWI Receives Strategic Investment

Sep 20, 2012

GENWI announced that FLOODGATE, and the partners of ELEVATION PARTNERS, spearheaded by Mike Maples, Jr. and Roger McNamee respectively, have invested in GENWI's vision and cloud-based mobile content management system.

GENWI's platform was purposely built for mobile to help content publishers create engaging mobile apps using a "Cloud-Based mobile Content Management System." Editors can manage content aggregation and creation, build content models, and curate content--all independent of the design. Designers have the creative freedom and flexibility to create and manage navigation and design apps using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. GENWI brings the content and design together at runtime -- in the cloud -- and delivers content to any device form factor. Further, both editors and designers can make changes in real-time without forcing the reader to update the app. They can also deliver content in a more targeted way--either by geography or by usage patterns indicating interest.

Elevation Partners and Floodgate are putting $2 million dollars into GENWI. Additional funding has also included a $4 million investment last Fall, and $1.1M in 2010, from Nexus Venture Partners, Inventus Capital Partners, and Quest Venture Partners.