Mindquarry Releases New Open Source Collaborative Software Platform

Jun 22, 2007


Mindquarry, an Open Source collaborative software developer, has released its revamped edition of Mindquarry Version 1.1. A platform for file sharing, task management, team collaboration, and wiki editing, is currently available for free download, offering various productivity enhancements and new features such as an activity timeline to view older versions of all team content in files, wiki pages, or tasks. Besides a list of features, Mindquarry 1.1 releases a stable and mature open source alternative to proprietary applications such as Microsoft SharePoint or Basecamp.

Features in Version 1.1, include: the ‘time machine’ activity timeline designed to allow teams to view older versions of files, wiki pages, and tasks as a first step toward an ultimate undo/redo for all team content; an Interlink that links to all files, tasks or other wiki pages from within the wiki. The link window also contains a search option to find items to interlink; the ability for team partners to insert tables and images into wiki pages similar to inserting these files in office documents; a Tasks and Files Manager designed to allow users to work with Mindquarry online or offline on a Mac, Windows, or Linux operating system. It synchronizes all files and tasks as soon as the user is back online; and a graphical user interface clearly separates list views from item views. Mindquarry is available for free download.