MindTouch Releases MindTouch Deki

Jul 22, 2008

MindTouch announced a new version of its open source collaboration and collective intelligence platform. MindTouch Deki (formerly Deki Wiki) "Kilen Woods" delivers new workflow capabilities, new enterprise adapters, and usability improvements. MindTouch Deki "Kilen Woods" introduces enterprise adapters to a various systems and new web-services. Users can surface data and behavior from these applications, create basic workflow, mashups, dynamic reports, and dashboards. MindTouch Deki can be embedded into existing applications or accessed from specialized front-ends on the web or desktop. Useres can drag and drop a directory structure from Microsoft Windows to MindTouch Deki, and the hierarchy will be automatically created as wiki pages. Users can also publish an email thread from Microsoft Outlook to MindTouch Deki.