MindTouch Releases Deki Wiki "Jay Cooke" v8.05

May 09, 2008


MindTouch announced the release of MindTouch Deki Wiki "Jay Cooke" v8.05––the latest version of its open source enterprise collaboration and integration platform. Mozilla selected MindTouch for the upcoming re-launch of their Mozilla Developer Community. Deki Wiki v8.05 introduces a new polyglot feature that allows Mozilla to host all languages as a single site. Users may search across all languages, which can be specified by sections. Search results are prioritized by the user's default language.

v8.05 includes tools for IP and user banning, transactional page management, and the addition of MediaWiki-like talk pages. New functions added to DekiScript runtime include a built-in scripting language. MindTouch Deki Wiki delivers polyglot, content transforms, and allows users to connect systems and create data mashups.

(http://mindtouch.com, http://wiki.mindtouch.com)