MindTouch Announces Open Source Framework, Wiki

Jul 28, 2006

MindTouch, a provider of intranet wiki solutions for the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) market, has announced that developers can create service-oriented architectures (SOA) through MindTouch Dream, an open source framework for building "Web 2.0" services on the Novell-sponsored Mono platform. Developers can use MindTouch Dream to create new applications for the latest Linux platforms, including SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 from Novell. MindTouch Dream manages all the aspects of interactive web services, such as providing storage locations, database connections, event notifications, automatic data conversion from XML to JSON, and short-circuit communication for co-hosted services.

MindTouch has also announced the MindTouch DekiWiki, a commercial open source wiki based fully on open standards. DekiWiki is based on MediaWiki, a scalable wiki and the engine that brought Wikipedia to the masses. Released under the OSI-compliant GNU General Public License, it is an application that leverages MindTouch Dream, an open source Web 2.0 API for Microsoft .NET and Mono. Dream combines the SOA use of AJAX, Lucene, and XML. Featuring a WYSIWYG interface, DekiWiki allows anyone to create and edit web pages and share information in a contextually rich environment. Accessible through common web browsers, DekiWiki supports advanced features such as page hierarchies, file attachments on any page, indexing, and searching, which bring enhanced functionality to collaborative environments. DekiWiki, its complete documentation, and MediaWiki upgrade details are immediately available to the development community.

MindTouch has also introduced a private label version of DekiWiki available to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) looking to provide hosted wikis for companies that need a reliable and secure co-location solution.

(www.mindtouch.com; www.opengarden.org)