MindTouch Announces MindTouch 2009

Apr 03, 2009

MindTouch announced the release of MindTouch 2009, an enhanced developer platform for building rich collaborative applications and communities, and a new bi-directional message bus that further extends MindTouch's collaborative capabilities. With the new bi-directional messaging bus users are now able to setup and receive change notifications when changes are made within MindTouch 2009 or to the many applications that users plug into MindTouch 2009, such as enterprise systems, databases, office productivity applications, web services, and more. Users can now choose to receive an email that notifies them when a specific page changes, or when certain files are revised, or when new users are added to the system. MindTouch 2009 offers users an auto-complete suggest feature that displays existing tags when a user wants to add new tags to a page, and also offers instant page associations without search indexing delays. MindTouch 2009 enables developers to build Rich Internet applications (RIA) by taking advantage of the new integration between DekiScript and Javascript, utilizing the JEM (JavaScript with Events and Messages) technology.