Microsoft Selects Bowker's Global Books in Print Database for Online Search Service

Jan 23, 2007

Bowker, a provider of bibliographic information management, has announced that its Global Books In Print database has been selected by Microsoft to provide basic and value-added data designed to enhance descriptions of books incorporated in the new Live Search Books search service from Microsoft. Live Search Books, which was released in beta form by Microsoft in December, is part of a project by Microsoft to scan millions of books and index them for online searching. The search engine allows users to search the full-texts of scanned books and is currently restricted to out-of-copyright books scanned from the collections of libraries such as The British Library, the University of California, and the University of Toronto.

As part of the content licensing agreement with Microsoft, Bowker is also making available its "Publisher Authority" database, which contains company and contact information for more than 200,000 publishers worldwide, and other value-added data modules that offer detailed descriptions of books, author biographies, award citations, book review citations, cover images, tables of contents, and lists of bestsellers dating back to 1920. The Live Search Books database is searchable from the book search engine's home page.