Microsoft Adopts thePlatform to Manage MSN Video Downloads

Jan 07, 2005


thePlatform, a provider of software for rich media content management, publishing, commerce, and reporting, has announced in conjunction with Microsoft that thePlatform media publishing system is managing video content delivery for Microsoft's new MSN Video Downloads service. thePlatform's turnkey management software is designed to enable MSN's webmasters to aggregate video from a variety of content owners, and manage the online delivery of digital media directly to the consumer.

MSN Video Downloads is an online video service dedicated to portable entertainment, featuring content from more than a dozen programming partners. The new MSN Video Downloads service allows users to preview sports highlights, news headlines, children's programming, music videos, independent films, and comedy shows from their portable devices using Windows Mobile-based software to run video, including Portable Media Centers, Smartphones, and PocketPCs with media capabilities.

Offered with free and premium membership tiers, MSN Video Downloads employs thePlatform's management technology to synchronize digital video downloads to Microsoft's Windows Media Player 10 library. Digital media files can allow unrestricted access, or be protected using thePlatform's turnkey integration of Microsoft's Windows Media DRM 10, and DRM 10 support for mobile devices. thePlatform media publishing system then oversees the distribution of the appropriate content to Portable Media Centers as well as media-capable Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, PocketPCs, and other PlaysForSure devices that support video.