MetaPress to Become Primary Host for Taylor & Francis Group Journals

Jan 10, 2003

MetaPress, a service of Publisher Promotion & Fulfillment, a division of EBSCO Industries, Inc., began producing and hosting online editions of all journals published by Taylor & Francis Group, effective January 1, 2003. In an extension of an agreement begun in 2001 initially entered into for the purpose of hosting 140 titles acquired from Gordon & Breach, Taylor & Francis has decided to migrate the primary hosting responsibilities for all of its journals to MetaPress in an effort to deliver functionality to their electronic journal subscribers. MetaPress provides access to articles from thousands of journals, newsletters, and other professional and academic publications. The MetaPress Web site is a full-featured research tool that is open to the public. The functionality of the MetaPress system has been integrated into the Taylor & Francis Web site so that table of contents and abstracts are available to users regardless of subscription status. Alerting and persistent searching services for all registered users are provided at no additional charge. Additionally, MetaPress is designed to permit institutional subscribers the ability to register their subscriptions to multiple titles. As a service of the Publisher Promotion & Fulfillment division of EBSCO Industries, Inc., MetaPress offers publishers comprehensive solutions to their Web publishing needs, including content management, Web hosting, Web site development, and ecommerce support.

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