MessageGate’s SenderConfirm Combats EMail Risk

Feb 09, 2007

MessageGate, Inc., a provider in email governance, has launched SenderConfirm. Through its interface, SenderConfirm was designed to deliver risk mitigation benefits and educate end users on proper usage while preventing potentially damaging employee actions, such as the transmission of social security numbers, release of internal correspondence, or the sending of sensitive information to personal email accounts.

SenderConfirm addresses the following email issues at the employee level with self-review: Release of company confidential or sensitive information; Disclosure of personally identifiable information; Communication with competitors; Distribution of offensive/inappropriate language and content; Efficient e-mail system use; and delivery of security awareness training. SenderConfirm compares the message to a series of pre-configured policies and rules. Within seconds of hitting send, any violations contained in the email are presented to the employee along with links to the company's acceptable use policy. At this point, the employee must choose whether or not he or she wants to continue sending the email. If the employee decides to send the email, corporations can pre-determine if the message should be stopped, re-routed, delayed, or sent.

SenderConfirm is deployed and requires minimal on-going administration. Administrators receive as much or as little information as they desire with pre-configured reporting and alerts. MessageGate SenderConfirm is currently available and can be deployed in either a virtual appliance or enterprise configuration. It is also available on a free trial basis to qualified companies.