MesoCom Announces P2P File Sharing Management Solutions

Mar 12, 2004


MesoCom has announced the release of a suite of products designed to assist in detecting and blocking P2P file sharing activity. Behind the products is a set of traffic identification techniques capable of tracking numerous P2P applications and protocols. Among the products released is a new version of P2P WatchDog v1.1, a Windows application for detecting and blocking P2P file sharing traffic. The application is designed to identify virtually all major P2P file sharing applications, and in some cases block transfers or automatically send warning messages to users participating in file sharing. The product retails for $180, and a fully functional evaluation is available online. A Linux version, which integrates with the firewall application IPTables, is in beta testing and scheduled for release in April 2004.

For manufacturers of firewalls, network intrusion detection systems, and other network appliances, MesoCom has two offerings. The first is a kernel mode Linux library, which is designed for small footprint and high bandwidth applications. The company also offers detection algorithms, and a subscription service to receive updates when coverage for new file sharing applications is introduced. Both products are available for licensing.

MesoCom, LLC specializes in ethernet monitoring and logging for P2P file sharing and voice-over-IP (VoIP) applications. In addition to producing and marketing software applications and algorithms, it provides consulting services for network traffic identification and tracking.