Mercora Launches M; Partners with Mobile Content Providers; Announces Affiliates Program

Nov 21, 2006

Mercora has launched the M mobile music service. The M is a downloadable application that transforms Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0-based Smartphones and Pocket PC phones--including the Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash and Palm Treo 700wx--into wireless music players. Mercora M combines the ability to wirelessly browse and share music collections within a social network with over 100,000 channels of streaming radio searchable by artist, genre, and style. The M also provides over-the-air access to the entire music library on a user's PC in CD-quality sound via a highly-optimized version of Ogg/Vorbis. In addition, stereo Bluetooth support via A2DP profiles are designed to enable integration with supported in-car, in-house, and wireless headsets and speakers. This new version of Mercora M is generally available.

Mercora, Inc. has also signed key distribution agreements for the recently launched Mercora M mobile music service, with wireless device and content providers, including Handango, MobiHand, Mobile & Wireless Group, and Motricity. Under the terms of the agreement, the Mercora M will be broadly distributed to Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC users, giving them the ability to access and listen to music directly from their wireless phones. As part of the agreements, the wireless device and content providers will provide semi-exclusive promotion for the launch of the M in designated locations such as Software Spotlight, Featured Products, Product Newsletters, and other areas. Mercora M is available at mobile content and retail sites powered by Handango, MobiHand, Mobile & Wireless Group, and Motricity at an introductory price of $4.99 per month. Standard pricing for the M is as follows: $14.99 for three months and $49.99 for a one-year subscription. Consumers can download and subscribe to the M today directly from the Mercora website.

Mercora has also launched its Mercora Affiliate Program. The program leverages the new Mercora M designed to enable affiliate managers to increase revenues and enable web publishers to benefit from mobile music by wireless consumers throughout the world. The Mercora Affiliate Program will complement any website targeted to wireless phones, mobile applications, social networking, and Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs. Those who join the Mercora Affiliate Program will be automatically entered to win a $500.00 cash prize to the affiliate who drives the largest number of valid subscriptions in December 2006.