Merant Collage Announces SAP NetWeaver Integration

Dec 16, 2003

Merant, a provider of software and services designed to deliver flexible control of code, content, and other assets, has announced that its enterprise content management solution, Merant Collage, is one of the first content management systems to achieve certification as part of the SAP NetWeaver Partner Initiative.

Merant Collage's "Powered by SAP NetWeaver" status means that it can be deployed on the SAP Web Application Server and accessed through mySAP Enterprise Portal via pre-built iViews. The integration between Merant Collage and the SAP NetWeaver integration and application platform enables users to integrate sources of enterprise data and content from SAP and other vendors to more effectively control heterogeneous IT environments. By unifying all types of enterprise information from a people-centric perspective, mySAP Enterprise Portal is intended to provide customers with a centralized view that spans solutions from SAP and other vendors, including applications, data warehouses, desktop documents, internal and external Web content, and collaboration tools.

Merant Collage integrates with mySAP Enterprise Portal using SAP-certified iViews that enable users to retrieve, search, and contribute information to or from Merant Collage, allowing unstructured content to be added, managed, and retrieved via the portal. Merant Collage is certified for SAP Web Application Server 6.20 and SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0.