Medio Systems Research Panel Tracks Shift In Mobile Search

Feb 12, 2008

Medio Systems, Inc., a provider of mobile search and advertising solutions, announced that its 2H07 research demonstrates the emerging use of mobile search to find information from the mobile web. Medio's research illustrates the evolution of mobile search away from downloadable content towards information on the mobile internet. As a result of this growing use of mobile web search from the handset, Medio is also tracking a healthy adoption of mobile search among users as well as the predominance of certain ad-related functions that are well-suited to the mobile interface.

The majority of mobile search queries have traditionally been performed in relation to downloading mobile content. Information from Medio Systems' research suggests that downloadable content is still the most popular query type in mobile search, but that the prevalence of this type of search has shrunk by just over 10% to 60% of all searches since July 2007. This finding corresponds with the associated growth in the Web/WAP category which has seen the greatest usage increase of 43% in the same period.