Mediasurface Releases WCM Version 5.1

Dec 10, 2004


Mediasurface has unveiled the latest version of its web content management system, Mediasurface 5.1. Designed to give immediate online control to non-technical users, Mediasurface 5.1 contains features that put marketing and communications people in charge of their online content and branding, while retaining the robustness and scalability that IT relies on. One of the main features of Mediasurface 5.1 is its instant collaboration facility, which follows the principles of standard instant messaging services, but has been enhanced to bring teams working on Web projects closer together. This would mean that a team in London working on the corporate Web site with an agency in New York could swap ideas, share insight and pass links to each other in real-time. Users working jointly on a piece of content, such as a press release, can be notified when the piece is available for editing, making the publishing of information a smooth process.