MediaRiver Introduces ClickSurge for Web Publishers

May 29, 2007

Intellext, creators of the Watson contextual search software, has announced that it changed its name to MediaRiver, and released a new product for web publishers. ClickSurge, MediaRiver's new offering, is designed to enable web publishers to guide internet users to the publishers’ online content in a discovery-based contextual model. ClickSurge contextually places links to that content onto web pages at a publisher's website, at a partner's website, or on any internet page, including user-generated content sites such as blogs and social networks using modern widget technology. Media River’s patent-pending technology allows content of any type, including video, music, pictures, or text, to be linked onto any web page dynamically and contextually, based on the properties of that web page. There is no upfront cost for a web publisher to get started with ClickSurge. Instead, the publisher pays a percentage of the new revenue realized from new traffic to their web properties.