Media Analysts Form iFOCOS

Oct 10, 2006

Two media analysts have formed a new non-profit institute, iFOCOS, the Institute for the Connected Society. IFOCOS' goal is to drive innovation around a new definition of "media"--one that includes traditional media and new emergent media, typified by the explosion of social media. Founded by Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin, iFOCOS is establishing partnerships with individuals and organizations to create media projects that foster an informed society, as well as create new opportunities in the marketplace. A board of advisors has been compiled from digital media companies to advise and support the institute.

The board of advisors to the institute includes: Jeff Belk, SVP, QUALCOMM; John Bell, managing director/executive creative director, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide; Merrill Brown, principal, MMB Media; Carin Dessaur, principal, mc2; Jim Kennedy, VP, strategy, The Associated Press; Susan Mernit, product manager, personals, Yahoo!; Craig Newmark, founder,; Scott Fox, CEO, Global View Partners; Adam Clayton Powell III, director, USC Integrated Media Systems Center; Scott Rafer, CEO, My Blog Log; Brian Reich, senior strategic consultant, Mindshare Interactive Campaigns; Richard Sambrook, director, Global News Division, BBC; Karen Stephenson, president, NetForm; Alan Webber, founder, FastCompany magazine; William C. Weiss, chairman and CEO, The Promar Group; and Dean Wright, SVP and managing editor, consumer services, Reuters America.