McGraw-Hill Higher Education Discounts Etextbooks

May 28, 2004

McGraw-Hill Higher Education is offering 900 etextbooks at reduced prices, in an effort to provide students and professors with an affordable alternative to traditional print texts. In addition to its etextbooks in various disciplines, McGraw-Hill is also offering over 9,000 case studies and more than 5,000 readings and articles in a digital format. Students have the option to purchase a downloadable file or access their etextbook through an Internet connection.

McGraw-Hill's Primis Online solution is designed to enable instructors and students to download full color etextbooks or mix and match pages of textbook content, case studies, and other materials according to an instructor's specifications. Instructors can upload their own materials into a custom publication, including syllabi, lab worksheets, study materials, and homework assignments to further reflect their personal creativity, approach, and individuality.

Primis Online is one of the Web-based learning solutions offered by McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Others include: ALEKS, a Web-based artificial intelligence tutor that customizes learning to individual needs; PageOut, a Web-based course management tool; and GradeSummit, an online study tool that enables students to measure their knowledge level of a particular subject with references to specific texts.

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