Marketo Account-Based Marketing Unveiled

Sep 13, 2016

Marketo, Inc., a provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, announced the availability of Marketo Account-Based Marketing (ABM) that brings together sales and marketing teams to target, engage, and measure key accounts in a highly coordinated fashion. Marketo ABM is the only solution that offers all the essentials for ABM success natively within a single, proven marketing automation platform.

Marketo ABM empowers marketing and sales teams with the right tools to collaborate and target accounts in more relevant and personalized ways. More specifically, Marketo says it allows account teams to: 

  • Leverage account and lead-level scoring to easily target the right accounts, and the right people within those accounts with personalized campaigns
  • Engage accounts and key decision-makers across channels, including email, web, ads, events, social, and mobile--using rich customer behaviors captured in Marketo’s Audience Hub to deliver highly personalized messages at exactly the right time
  • Utilize powerful account-based analyticsthat help account teams measure the impact of, and further optimize the results of their ABM efforts across key dimensions, including cross-channel engagement, pipeline, and revenue
  • Take advantage of complementary solutionsoffered by Marketo’s LaunchPoint ecosystem partners such as predictive scoring and account enrichment, to expand the capabilities of Marketo ABM