Mambo Releases Version 4.6

Sep 22, 2006

Mambo, an open source content management system, has announced the release of version 4.6. Version 4.6 is being released in two configurations: "4.6 Complete" includes the core system as well as extensions and templates. "4.6 Lite" is a minimalist distro comprised of only the core files. The new version offers users flexibility to create exactly the CMS they want, using existing extensions, custom development, or any combination.

New features in Version 4.6 include: more templates, so new variants to the default template have been added to this release. All variants are available in 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768, and are fully CSS-driven; new help screens have been added and the help system has been expanded to help decrease inaccuracies in the delivery of help content. Help files are now embedded within the distro; improved load handling for large sites with high activity levels; user comments for content items; a Check For Updates feature, which checks to see if a user is running the latest version and/or patch of Mambo and will offer suggestions if not. It can also be used to display messages to Mambo admins and may come in handy as a tool to communicate issues such as security warnings. The functionality is not automatic at this time. It will not update Mambo automatically; this is still a manual process. It also does not check for updates without the user requesting it do so; internationalization of interfaces by institution of a single standard mechanism; and better search engine optimization.