Majority of Users Get to Web sites Via Search, Survey Says

Aug 05, 2005

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A recent BURST! Media survey of 13,000 Web users, 14 years and older, finds that most of them navigate to the Web sites they visit through search engines. More than half (56.2%) of respondents said that when at home they use search engines to get to Web destinations. Other ways respondents use to get to Web sites include typing in the site's URL/bookmarks (28.0%), and links from other sites/advertisements (16.1%).

The survey also shows that, among older age segments, 25-54 years and 55-64 years, a majority (61.1% and 60.7%, respectively) says they use search engines to navigate to sites they visit, while at home. For the oldest segment (65 years and older) less than half (49.0%) say they use a search engine to navigate to sites they visit, and one-third (31.5%) type the site's URL or use bookmarks. Among teens and respondents 18-24 years, fewer than half (45.6% and 49.4%, respectively) say they use a search engine to navigate to Web sites. Additionally, fully one-third of the teen (39.5%) and 18-24 years (34.4%) segments say they navigate by typing the site's URL/bookmarks. One-in-six teens (15.8%) and 18-24 year olds (16.3%) utilize links on other sites or advertisements to navigate to Web sites they visit.