Magnolia Releases Magnolia 4.0

Mar 13, 2009


Magnolia International Ltd., an Open Source content management vendor, announced the availability of Magnolia 4.0. This Java-based content management system introduces content delivery templates. Ready-made templates are available for Magnolia 4.0 to create custom web designs that adapt content delivery to various devices, including the iPhone. The standard templates are search engine optimized (SEO) and follow W3C accessibility guidelines. Multiple website designs for front- and back-ends can be managed from within Magnolia's browser-based administration interface. Magnolia 4.0 introduces support for a new templating language called Freemarker in addition to templating in JSP (Java Server Pages). Templating with Freemarker allows to view and edit templates directly in the browser window, have templates under version- and access-control and to backup templates together with the content of a website.