Magisto Launches Chant to Help Businesses Accelerate Growth on Social Media

Nov 20, 2018

Magisto, an A.I.-powered video creation and marketing platform, released Chant, a new app to help businesses boost their growth on social media. Chant offers powerful content ideation, fully customizable video production, and native distribution and engagement insights to power social media marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to leverage video content for growth. 

Research from Magisto found that 84% of marketers plan to create more marketing videos, and social video was cited as having a higher return on investment than any other channel. Yet the barriers to using video remain high, with 76% of small businesses saying they create video in-house and 47% saying that it’s too time-consuming to create. Chant’s story templates offer fast, easy tools for ideation, scripting, and production of quality content that’s traditionally been too costly and time consuming for SMBs and entrepreneurs.

Designed for busy entrepreneurs and social media managers, Chant introduces hundreds of content templates — from company milestone announcements to product promotion to video ads — providing ideas and content, and making it simpler to drive growth for their business.

Conventional video template solutions are rigid and require businesses to mold their message to fit inflexible and limited formats. In contrast, the Chant app provided flexible content templates by utilizing artificial intelligence and patented algorithms, making flexibility, customization, and ownership possible. Chant users can quickly find content templates suitable for their use case or goal, use templates as a basis for ideation or as content skeleton to build upon, and customize and edit it, until it effectively communicates the intended marketing message. The result is stunning, effective, and unique video content, created within minutes that far surpasses other solutions on the market.

Chant gives small business owners and entrepreneurs a social media growth power-tool by offering:

  • Content ideation: Chant will take users’ goals and needs and help them select the right content template to start from, offering recommendations, ideas, suggested content etc. Each video template includes premium stock footage scenes preselected and edited to a cohesive creative idea, suggested text copy, suggested soundtracks and designs, and even template-specific instructions and ideas how to further customize that creative direction.
  • Customization and video editing tools: Chant templates can then be edited and customized with brand colors, logos, captions and intuitive storyboard editing — where the video production A.I. takes the user directions and produces a professional video in seconds.
  • Engagement measurement: Chant gives business owners insight into engagement so they can better understand how content is performing and continually improve on their video creation.