MadCap Software Launches New Version of Feedback Server

Feb 03, 2009


MadCap Software, a provider of multi-channel content authoring solutions and a showcase company for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft XPS, announced that the MadCap Feedback Server 2.0 is now available. The MadCap Feedback Server is a server-based feedback system for content development teams that provides Web 2.0 features to enable collaboration among team members and the readers of their documentation. MadCap Feedback Server version 2.0 adds several new features including customizable user profiles, email notifications, context-sensitive help (CSH) ID tracking, performance and scalability enhancements. With version 2.0, authors can now reset the topic view, topic rating, and search statistics when they want in order to view only the new statistics. There are also two filtering options offered--one for filtering out irrelevant IP addresses and another for filtering topic statistics by dates. The Feedback Server allows readers to rate published information using a standard five-star system. Readers’ topic ratings are tabulated, providing an overall community average score that all readers can then see on a page-by-page basis.