Macromedia Announces Flash Video Kit

Aug 17, 2004

Macromedia has announced a video kit that is designed to enable Macromedia Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional users to add video to their Web sites without any special technical knowledge. The kit allows users to add streaming or progressive download video through a Dreamweaver MX 2004 extension. Video deployed with the kit can be viewed instantly with Macromedia Flash Player. The kit includes four components: a Flash Video extension for Dreamweaver; a special version of Sorenson Squeeze that converts common video file formats into Flash Video format (FLV); a free 15-day trial of Flash Video Streaming Service powered by VitalStream that allows customers to harness all the power of streaming Flash Video without the need to install and maintain their own servers; and an introductory guide to deploying video online. For a limited time, customers who purchase or upgrade to Macromedia Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional and register online by September 30 will receive the video kit for free. In addition, for a limited time, the kit will be available for purchase to existing Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional customers for $49.

Macromedia Flash Video Streaming Service Lite powered by VitalStream is a subset of Flash Video Streaming Service and gives users access to VitalStream's content delivery network. The network empowers users to deliver streaming video with no programming required to integrate the streaming video into a Web site. The service also includes interactive real-time reports for monitoring audience viewing habits and media popularity. While the Lite service is designed specifically for use with Dreamweaver, the full Flash Video Streaming Service enables customization and interactivity when authoring video files in Flash Professional. The Lite service is designed to address the needs of Dreamweaver users getting started with streaming video. Customers seeking more sophisticated Flash video requirements, such as live video streaming capabilities, larger bandwidth and disk space allocations, live phone-based technical support, additional customization features, flexible billing options and full access to VitalStream's content delivery network can upgrade to the standard Flash Video Streaming Service. The service includes 500 MB data storage, enough to hold nearly 4 hours of video and 10GB bandwidth transfer, estimated to broadcast over 78 hours of video per month, based on a 320x240 pixel video streaming at 300K. Pricing for the service is $99 per month, processed in real-time by PayPal.