MORE Media Group Selects EmpireDRM; EmpireDRM Becomes ClearKey Solutions

Jul 22, 2003

EmpireDRM, a provider of Microsoft Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, has announced that MORE Media Group, Inc., will protect the educational and information streaming video content on it's new subscriber-based Web site with EmpireDRM's Dominion software. MORE Media Group is a production, marketing, and training development company. MORE Media Group is in the field of edutainment, which aims to create an entertaining environment where an audience is more receptive to absorbing information and learning. This includes taking lengthy educational seminars and training videos, and breaking them down into briefer viewing modules that can be downloaded at the discretion of the viewer.

EmpireDRM's modular software platform called Dominion offers a solution to help prevent the piracy of content and provides a billing solution that captures both user information and revenue. This modular software can adapt to customer environments, integrate with multiple credit card processors, and offers a plug-in to content delivery networks like VitalStream. In addition, Dominion locks the digital audio and video content and limits access to those users who have acquired a proper license to play the content whether they get the license from a successful completion of a marketing form or a credit card enabled buy page.

EmpireDRM has also announced that it is changing its name to ClearKey Solutions in an effort to better communicate the expanded product capability and customer focus of the company. Managing access to all types of content, preventing content theft, and ensuring that the revenue reaches the right content owner is the mission of ClearKey Solutions.

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