Lotus Instant Messaging and Push Email for Nokia phones

Oct 14, 2005

CommonTime announces mSuite for Nokia 9300 phones, which extends its mobile and wireless Lotus Notes messaging solution to offer Lotus Instant Messaging and Push Email.

Secure wireless data transfer, centralized management of devices and content will also now be available to Nokia 9300 owners. mSuite aims to boost productivity, reduce cost of ownership and increase total benefit of software and device ownership. Products from the mSuite range run over a common architecture, the CommonTime Mobility Framework to enable upgrades from mNotes (mobile Lotus Notes messaging) to the complete suite. mSuite Iconsists of components that may be purchased separately or together:

  • mNotes--Mobile and ‘wireless push' Lotus Notes messaging. Lotus Instant Messaging Support for real-time Instant Messaging.
  • mForms--A mobile application development tool.
  • mSecurePDA--Provides multi-layered physical security for handheld devices and removable media.
  • mControl--Provides Centralized device management.
  • CommonTime Mobility Framework--An enterprise infrastructure that adds enterprise scalability, robustness, and end-to-end over the air security with AES encryption

A version of mSuite which supports Nokia 9300 is due to ship at the end of Q4, 2005, with further functionality developments to be announced throughout next year.