LinkedIn Launches Philanthropic Initiative

May 29, 2007

LinkedIn Corporation, a professional network, has announced LinkedIn for Good, a philanthropic initiative aimed at raising awareness and funds for nonprofit organizations around the world. The initiative gives each non-profit a platform to leverage LinkedIn’s international network of 11 million professionals and virally spread the word about their organization. The LinkedIn for Good launch features Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), an independent international medical humanitarian organization and winner of the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize. Joining the effort is British rockstar, James Blunt who is endorsing Doctors Without Borders on their LinkedIn for Good page. In early beta-testing, the organization has raised over $23,000 from donors via LinkedIn.

Other launch partners for LinkedIn for Good include: the American Red Cross, the World Wildlife Fund, and microfinance organizations, Unitus and Kiva. LinkedIn for Good offers nonprofit organizations a page on the LinkedIn site as well as free badges--in essence a digital “bumper sticker” that LinkedIn members may place on their profile to promote the causes they care about to their network. In addition, the program offers registered nonprofits free job listings to build their organizational capacity.