Lighthouse Global Technologies Introduces E-Trail

Apr 18, 2006


Lighthouse Global Technologies, a provider of digital archive solutions, has introduced E-Trail Digital Archive, an open source-based, archival system designed to capture electronic communications for regulatory compliance and internal policy enforcement. E-Trail Digital Archive uses any of three different methods--real-time capture, batch capture, or backfilling from archive media--to capture email correspondence, instant messages, faxes, and other unstructured communication data within a corporate setting.

E-Trail Digital Archive leverages a Webinterface to allow users to select communications based on any combination of sender(s), receiver(s), date/time windows, department codes, and keyword/phrases/regular expressions. The solution captures the information based on the designated criteria, storing a single copy of the message (and each of its associated attachments) to guarantee minimal storage usage. Users can retrieve stored communications with dynamic searching functionalities that allow them to fine-tune search queries based on case sensitivity/insensitivity, external/internal/all communication filters, and Boolean operations on the sender/receiver fields. Advanced features of the solution include the ability to create scheduled and/or automated queries to simplify common user activity.