LexisNexis Launches HotDocs 2005

Dec 21, 2004

LexisNexis U.S., a provider of legal, news, and business information services, has announced the launch of HotDocs 2005, the latest version of its document automation software. HotDocs 2005 features the new design of Microsoft XP and includes several new features designed to simplify and enhance document automation. The first feature in this version of HotDocs includes a new add-on product called "HotDocs Compare," which allows users to view document modifications, synchronize document views, and see how changes have affected the final version prior to saving a Microsoft Word document. Secondly, with enhanced document preview options, users can jump directly from the interview to the locations in the document where the answer is used and make changes if necessary. HotDocs 2005 also includes integration with Microsoft Outlook and other databases, allowing users to retrieve information from those sources and import directly into documents and interview questions.
(www.hotdocs.com; www.lexisnexis.com; www.reedelsevier.com)