LexisNexis Florida Forms Collection Adds Online Litigation Forms

Sep 10, 2004

LexisNexis U.S., a provider of legal, news, and business information services, has announced that its online Florida Forms Collection has more than doubled with over 9,500 forms now available. This expanded offering for attorneys practicing Florida law includes thousands of new litigation forms and hundreds of HotDocs-enabled forms. Many of the newest forms come from Matthew Bender's Florida Forms of Pleadings (also know as the "Red Set") and the Southeast Litigation Guide. Forms from these sets have been reviewed and updated, in an effort to bring attorneys the most current and accurate versions.

Additionally, more than 500 automated forms from the Florida Family Law, Probate, and Guardianship HotDocs products have been made available in these online forms menus. This allows users to download these respective forms into the HotDocs player and leverage the document assembly capabilities of this software. Existing forms in the Florida Online Forms Collection come from the LexisNexis library of authoritative Matthew Bender analytical materials, including Gersten, Florida Civil Practice Guide, Florida Forms of Jury Instructions, Southeast Transaction Guide, Boyer, Florida Real Estate Transactions, Abrams, Florida Family Law & Practice, Florida Torts, and Florida Estate Practice Guide.

Forms in the new menus, which were previously available only through individual Matthew Bender sources, can now be accessed more easily and quickly using a table of contents format. In addition, the forms feature links directly to additional research in statutes and case law as well as to their originating analytical sources. A practitioner can also download these forms into their word processing program for inclusion in their own documents.
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