Lexalytics Updates Salience Analytics Software

Jun 09, 2015

Lexalytics, a provider of cloud and on-prem text and sentiment analytics solutions, updated its Salience sentiment analytics platform. The company says Salience now offers quicker, more accurate processing, easier configuration of query topics in accented languages such as Portuguese and Spanish, and the ability to contextualize sentiment statements using Boolean search logic. Salience is Lexalytics' on-premise text analytics engine that processes over three billion documents per day.

With this new rollout, Salience 6.1 incorporates an improved Syntax Matrix, Lexalytics' proprietary technology that automatically parses text to understand how the phrases within a sentence relate to each other and enables the software to comprehend complex sentences quickly and accurately. Syntax Matrix is the technology that also powers Lexalytics' intention analysis, which helps predict a consumer's behavior based on the statements they make online.

In addition to the updated Syntax Matrix, Salience 6.1 features the ability to configure the engine with or without accents. Customers can also now use Boolean search logic for contextualizing sentiment statements. This allows for disambiguation of words like "sick" that have different meanings depending on whether you're talking about video games or talking about hospitals.