LeActiveMath-Type Project to Aid E-Learning

Feb 28, 2006

An elearning system has been developed that is designed to allow a learner to solve interactive exercises on a computer, ask for suggestions about more detailed content, and receive feedback when performing correctly. The system adapts to any type of user and offers content and exercises at the adequate learning speed.

The Saarland University and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) are presenting this interactive and adaptive elearning system with several tools. It is being developed in the scope of the LeActiveMath project of the European Union together with partners from science and industry. LeActiveMath delivers a Web-based, intelligent, multi-lingual elearning system for mathematics that will be used in high school and college or university level classrooms as well as for self-study. Its semantic content encoding relies on and extends existing standards (such as OpenMath, IEE LOM, Maths QTI), principally one that can be used and is actually used for other mathematical services on the Web.