Lawyer Moves to Keep Ebook Ruling from Moving Forward, Ebook Prices Drop

Sep 10, 2012

Who knew the world of ebooks was so tumultuous?

After last week's ruling that upheld the DOJ's settlement with publishers Hachette, Simon & Schuster, and HarperCollins things have heated up. Many were expecting ebook prices to fall this week, now that publishers have been forced to cancel their contracts with Apple, but lawyer Bob Kohn filed documents that ask Judge Denise Cote to stay her ruling. According to paidContent, the publishers have to tell other retailers that they are no longer bound by contracts that set a minimum price for their books -- but Kohn is seeking to stop that, at least until the ruling can be reviewed in appeals cout, or preferably until Apple and the publishers that have decided to fight the DOJ have had their day in court. 

A ruling on the motion is expected within the next few days. The main argument here is that once new, lower ebook prices hit the market there is no going back, no matter what the end result of the trial turns out to be. But paidContent also reports that Amazon is already taking advantage of the ruling, discounting HarperCollins' ebooks -- though not the books of the other two publishers that have settled.