LTU Technologies Releases LTU-Finder 3.0

Apr 29, 2008

LTU Technologies, a global provider of multimedia content control solutions, announced the release of LTU-Finder v. 3.0, a tool for image and video recognition in the field of computer forensics. Offered as a plug-in to Guidance Software's EnCase, a computer forensic tool for law enforcement, government, and legal professionals, LTU-Finder is meant to reduce the time required to identify and review relevant image and video files collected during a digital investigation. LTU-Finder combines LTU's image and video content recognition technology with Guidance Software's computer and enterprise investigation capabilities to increase the speed and scope of forensic and legal investigations as well as e-discovery. LTU-Finder 3.0 includes enhanced image and video recognition capabilities and introduces text data identification tools that further automate large-scale file searches in the legal, e-discovery and law enforcement fields.