Kentico Cloud Announced

Nov 08, 2016


Kentico Software, a software company, announced Kentico Cloud, its new cloud-first digital experience platform. As companies go through digital transformation, they need more agile tools that shorten time to market. Kentico’s newest offering was built as a cloud-first platform that allows companies to focus on creating a great digital experience for their clients without having to tackle the technical challenges of running a CMS. Kentico Cloud combines multi-channel content management and customer engagement, all provided as a cloud service that can be easily integrated with any solution, on any platform, and on any device.

Kentico says it is currently the only digital experience vendor in the market providing such a complete platform in the true multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) model. It says other vendors provide traditional single-tenant software hosted for individual customers. This means that Kentico's customers can avoid the pains typically associated with the CMS, such as upgrades, performance, or security.

Kentico Cloud represents a comprehensive cloud-first CMS and digital experience platform made up of three services:

  • Kentico Draft allows marketers to manage structured content for multi-channel delivery at one place in the Cloud.
  • Kentico Deliver enhances Kentico Draft with the ability to publish that content to any website or device. It is an API-first CMS (also called headless CMS) that provides dynamic content through an extremely fast content delivery network anywhere in the world.
  • Kentico Engage enables personalization of the digital experience on any channel. It tracks customer interactions and leverages this information to provide them with relevant content.